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COVID-19 self isolating The unknown and being out of our comfort zone.

The unknown and being out of our comfort zone, is for all of us, the most challenging and frightening thing the world has ever known, a global pandemic! So me writing a blog about hairdressing seems so insignificant and pointless. However, the amount of clients I have had asking me for hair advice is amazing and uplifting to say the least. So here we go with some self isolation advice!

1) I cannot condone or recommend anyone buying a supermarket or chemist hair colour. Please please I beg you, even if you have roots the size of a forest! The reason is, no, it would not put be out of business, but it would put your hair into jeopardy! Over the counter hair colour may be cheaper, but, like the saying goes, 'you get what you pay for'! Colour fade will happen quicker and look worse than professional colour fade, you will not be able to match your existing colour ( ah you don't know what bespoke colour us stylists mix behind the scenes) and the condition of your hair could suffer.

2) Do not try to cut your own hair. Hairdressers love a challenge and I personally love doing corrective work but we are not magicians so be careful. Try growing out your fringe, if you have one, for a change! If you are worried about split ends, use treatments, and protective styling products and be careful of overusing heat, i.e hairdryers, straighteners etc.

As my good stylist friend used to say...'we can do wonders but miracles take a little longer'!

Hope this helps. After all, if we are doing as we should be doing, who is going to see us anyway!

Stay safe and stay home, and look forward to seeing all those roots and split ends soon xxx

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